Vaco matches the strongest accounting, financial, IT and administrative professionals with the unique project and permanent needs of our clients – simple in theory, difficult in execution.

Actually, some parts are simple in execution too.


When deadlines are looming large, there are no more weekends to give and the infrastructure must evolve in order to compete, our clients need help at the speed of now. Your Vaco Partners are pedigreed players with either deep industry experience in the discipline they serve or significant & proven experience in ours. They have cutting-edge technology driven tools, a national reach and a collective network of professionals that lead to your unique solution. Through successfully serving thousands of clients throughout our careers, it has become simple for us to understand the type of partners our clients need and the tools required to serve.


So what is difficult? Attracting and retaining these elite players to serve you for the rest of your career.


Our clients want proven, pedigreed, committed partners to rely on when their career needs shift or when their company needs an infusion of talent to achieve critical objectives. Before Vaco, their choices were traditional national firms with significant turnover or small shops with limitations. Vaco was founded to address this need – to offer local ownership with a national reach.