Accounting and Finance Recruiter

4030 W. Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 100
Tampa Florida, 33607

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Yes, it’s pronounced Lee-la.


I’m an Italian-Canadian who relocated to sunny old St. Petersburg, FL in attempts to trade snow days for sunny days. I graduated from USF with a Bachelor’s in Psychology (don’t worry I’m only trying to read you 80% of the time) and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Behavioral Health Science.


My love for helping people and my competitive drive pushed me into a recruiting seat that I never want to leave. As a member of the Finance & Accounting Team, my focus is on helping introduce you to new opportunities while giving you advice on tips and tricks along the way.


When I’m not chatting away with candidates or have my nose in the books, you can find me training at the gym or enjoying a nice red wine (ironic?). I’m a foodie with a case of the travel bug: I want to go everywhere and eat everything.


If you’re looking to explore new opportunities, give me a call!