Manager, Technology Consulting and Placement Services

4030 W. Boy Scout Blvd., Suite 100
Tampa Florida, 33607

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Well, if it isn’t your old pal Dan – your resident starched white shirt wearing, country music listening, bourbon drinking, technology aficionado. I grew up in Coral Springs, Fla., where, surprisingly, there is no coral and there are no springs.


Growing up I was an all-star hockey goalie and a high school state champion debater. I, then, made some stops along the way to attend college at the University of Florida; consult in Iowa City, IA; and then back to south Florida and Orlando helping lead other technology recruiting teams before joining Vaco Tampa in 2013, where I learned that the “West Coast is the Best Coast”.

I’ve been to 43 states, but have never left North America. I have never seen Star Wars or Star Trek, but I can quote the entire “Catch Me if You Can” movie. I am terrible at impressions, unless you ask for my Mufasa impression from the “Lion King”, in which case, I am the best in the land.

Here at Vaco Tampa, I help lead our Technology business development and recruitment and enjoy playing a major role in training new Vacotians on the ins-and-outs of technology.